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Happy woman opening mailbox to read charitable appeal letter. Sending donations through the mail.
Fundraising Appeal Letters //
To inspire giving

Appeal letters are a central part of fundraising for many nonprofit organizations like yours. Letters in the mailbox may seem old-fashioned in these days of emails, tweets, and WiFi. But research shows that direct mail performs in the nonprofit world. I use proven strategies to craft letters that will make your donors smile, and feel truly motivated to support your cause. 

Potential donor shoes on a tweed welcome mat.
Acquisition Letters //
To bring in new donors


When you are ready to reach out and find new people to support your cause, I can help you launch an acquisition campaign to educate and inspire people who have never given to your organization before. They are out there just waiting for you to ask!


Smiling older couple read a newsletter together. Donor Newsletter
Donor Newsletters // 
To thank and delight donors - and bring in money

A well-written donor newsletter is an impactful part of your donor communication plan. I write newsletters that make your donors feel incredible! They will be excited to see all the amazing things THEY have done through their gifts to your organization! Supporters who feel appreciated are far more likely to stay connected and keep giving over and over. An effective donor newsletter not only helps retention rates, it brings in donations too!

rob-mulally Great old tree legacy. Supporting others. Afterlife. Legacy Gift.
Legacy Society//
To invite supporters to plan for and celebrate their final gift

Some of the people you communicate with are actively seeking a way to make a legacy that will live on after they are gone. These may be very small donors who have never had a personal visit from your staff. But they WANT to do something important. I can help you set up a legacy society that invites and enables your supporters to support you with gifts from their estate. This act alone will dramatically increase the lifetime value of many of your donors within the next months and years. 

Young couple reading a letter. Good news. Involved in charity. Donation Letter. Appeal letter package.
Direct Mail Packages // 
Complete packages to seal the deal

A great letter isn't enough these days. The first challenge is making sure they open it! You need to change up your direct mail approach often to keep things interesting and ensure that your mailings make it past the trash can by the door. There are many techniques and supplementary we can discuss that will lead supporters to donate. At the very least you need a customized mailing envelope, letter, reply slip and return envelope. I can suggest additional components that donors will respond to as part of your cohesive direct mail package. 

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