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About Me

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So, who am I to write letters to YOUR donors? 

I'm a professional writer with many years of experience in nonprofit marketing and fundraising. I am up to the challenge! Here is a little more about me.

I've worked in marketing for the nonprofit sector for 15+ years now. 

I was lucky! I figured out while I was still in college that I wanted to work in international humanitarian aid - a career I have loved! I studied communication with an emphasis in public relations at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Even before I graduated I had completed internships with three different non-profit organizations, and served as a volunteer living in Peru for a year. (That's how I became fluent in Spanish!Those experiences really opened up my eyes and filled me with even more passion for fighting injustice, helping the poor, and defending the defenseless through my chosen profession. 

Several years ago my focus moved from promotional writing to donor-centric communication. I launched a quarterly donor newsletter for Maranatha Volunteers International that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then I moved into writing appeal letters too. 

In 2018 I transitioned from full-time employment with Maranatha to writing for various nonprofit organizations as a freelance professional. I know how demanding work in a nonprofit organization can be, often requiring staff to work long hours and wear way too many hats. I enjoy using my expertise to help bring in revenue, and lighten the load of staff (like you perhaps?) who are trying to do it all. 

I'm currently based in California, but I write for organizations all over the country. Many stories/projects can be worked out over the phone. I'm also available to travel if needed.

Donor appeals and communication are so central to the success of charitable work. I am fascinated with the research on what really works in donor communication. The stakes are high. No organization can fulfill their mission without people taking action to donate. It is an elating challenge that I love. 

Please contact me. I'd love to hear about your organization and your needs. Let's Talk!

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