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Want to see what I've done? Here are just a few of the money-making direct mail pieces I have written for clients with great results. Will your project be next?

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Year End Appeal Letter // Union College

December 15, 2019

This year end appeal highlights the Physician Assistant program and asks for support to help students follow their dreams! 

Appeal Letter // Christian Record Services for the Blind

September 10, 2018

This appeal inspires heartfelt connection to a 60-year-old story of tragedy and perseverance. Donors are asked to support services for the blind. 

December 15, 2018

Playmakers asked me to create their first-ever appeal letter. We told the emotional story of Jareome and asked supporters to donate to this small nonprofit dedicated to instilling character and leadership qualities in at-risk children. 

Donor-focused Newsletter // Maranatha Volunteers International

November 01, 2016

Browse through one edition of this quarterly newsletter and notice how every story focuses on the donor and how they have made a difference. 

Spring Appeal // Union College Annual Fund

May 16, 2018

This appeal for the college annual fund focused on scholarships and allowed potential donors to feel the importance of making a gift. Matching gifts bring urgency to the request. 

This is a 2-page letter with a package, including an attached reply slip, envelope teaser, and return envelope. 

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