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Are you a nonprofit professional?

Ready to raise more money with direct mail? 

What I Do
When a nonprofit or charitable organization sends direct mail, it should feel like a love letter. The donor feels loved, esteemed and needed. Appeal letters and donor newsletters highlight why each donation and each donor is vital, and why they are appreciated so much. In return, the donor sends their love gift back, in the form of a donation. Great direct mail is a very positive interaction on both sides, sending love and money.

Does your organization need more money coming in? Do you want your donors to feel important and appreciated? Let me show you how I can provide letters and other mail for your organization that your donors LOVE getting. Most importantly, they will donate to your cause!

Samples of My Work
I've written copy for all kinds of nonprofit projects, including appeal letters, donor newsletters, annual reports, web content, and much more.

I've been helping nonprofit organizations communicate effectively for more than 15 years. A few samples of the hundreds of pieces are on this site. Click below to take a look at a few of my recent projects. 

About Me
Carrie Purkeypile has traveled all over the world to find the stories that connect donors to the heart of their chosen cause. Carrie loves interviewing people and bringing stories to life to motivate and inspire donors.

I love helping potential donors really connect with the need through stories and imagery. I've traveled the world to find and tell stories, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for nonprofit organizations through direct mail programs.

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